TA Sciences Lawsuit Resolved

U.S. District Court Rules in Favor of T.A. Sciences in TA65MD® Lawsuit

TA Sciences Lawsuit

A jury in New York has ruled unanimously in favor of T.A. Sciences in the landmark TA Sciences Lawsuit. The lawsuit, known legally as Patton v. Egan, indicated that the plaintiff (T.A. Sciences) were defamed by the defendant. Furthermore, the result of the TA Sciences Lawsuit indicated that the defendant (Egan) acted with malice in regards to the plaintiff.

This resolution to the TA Sciences Lawsuit comes after an earlier ruling, in which Egan was not allowed to claim damages in a class action lawsuit relating to the company's TA-65® product. This ruling in the TA Sciences Class Action Lawsuit marks a major victory for T.A. Sciences and their flagship product.

TA Sciences Lawsuit: What it Means

The result of the TA65 Class Action Lawsuit indicates that T.A. Sciences is a company that holds its consumers in high regard. The TA Sciences Lawsuit had challenged the scientific claims and evidence behind the popular TA-65® supplement. With the court ruling in favor of T.A. Sciences, it’s clear that the company is not using deceptive marketing acts and practices. The TA65MD® Lawsuit jury also rejected the claim that T.A. Sciences had acted in a discriminatory manner toward Egan.

Instead, the TA65 Lawsuit ruling re-enforces that T.A. Sciences is a reputable provider of research-based wellness products. The ruling, in general, is a very positive result for telomere science. With the court indicating that T.A. Sciences is not marketing its TA-65® nutritional supplements in a deceptive way, it’s clear that TA-65® can be continued to be sold to those looking to combat cellular aging.

The TA-65® supplement combats cellular aging through the process known as Telomerase Activation. As indicated by the result of the TA Sciences Lawsuit, the product is marketed as:

  • An all-natural product
  • A plant-based compound
  • A supplement used for the treatment of cellular aging

The result of the TA Sciences Lawsuit indicates that the company did not market the supplement with deceptive or damaging claims. T.A. Sciences is dedicated to evidence-based wellness products and supplements.

TA Sciences Lawsuit: TA-65® Generally Recognized as Safe by FDA

In regards to the TA Sciences Lawsuit, Noel Thomas Patton, Chairman and Founder of T.A. Sciences said: “We are pleased that the jury recognized that T.A. Sciences operates with the highest integrity in its business practices. We also appreciate that the court acknowledged the strong scientific basis behind its product claims.”

This scientific basis and safety of the TA-65® nutritional supplement is also supported by a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status as a medical food. This status is provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This status indicates that the T.A. Sciences product is generally safe when used under medically supervision.

The GRAS status for TA-65®, along with the positive ruling in the TA Sciences Lawsuit provide additional support for T.A. Sciences. A wealth of evidence and research also supports the use of TA-65® for anti-aging treatment. More information can be located here: http://www.tasciences.com/telomerase-activation/